CRIMZONE is a 2018 estabilished brand that with many sources of inspirations and visions is trying to connect the worlds of extravagant punkwear and everyday fashion.

Founded somewhere on the verge of the dark and melancholic outskirts of rural Poland and filled with youth culture, capital city of Warsaw.

The brand's idea has always been to be a relevant addition to the fashion scene in central Europe, possibly growing to be influential worldwide one day.

Our creative line of thought focuses on providing genuine quality not only in the physical aspect of materials and detailed cuts, but also original designs, either created by Crimzone or it's team of close friends and Supporters (ig: @crimzonegallery)

Although many obstacles appeared, both legally e.g. starting the brand at the age of 16, and copyright-wise with crimzone clothes being massively faked on big asian websites, and many people even holding on from buying because they thought there is dropshipping involved, we've never let the idea of the brand fall and always have been putting our quality of service first.

Being a Crimzone customer is something that we treat with big gratitude.

Every order is supplied with a galactic amount of stickers and other accesories we include in all the orders for free.

Operating on the quality>quantity and art>money rules will always be our commandment.

Please feel free to ask any questions by e-mail.

Thank you for your endless support.


Worldwide shipping is available.

Shipping time is from 2-15 days, every item has different shipping time, you can view it on it's page

Crimzone accepts all returns or size changes (go to RETURNS)


On the top right corner of the page you can pick your prefered currency. (USD, EUR, PLN) - More to be added soon.


All clothing is hand-sewn with the best quality materials.

Size charts are different for all items, you can view it on item's page.

All of the items are designed by @bloodrainfiend and made locally in Poland.


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